5 Things to Know Before Choosing an Escort Service for Massage

5 Things to Know Before Choosing an Escort Service for Massage

Escorts offer different kinds of services to their clients ranging from GFE to BDSM. It depends on the needs of the client as well as what services does the escort offer. Massage is one of the most popular services offered by escort services, and men want to have some peaceful time relaxing and enjoying a good massage from a beautiful lady. If you are thinking to get a massage from an escort, here is what you should know first.

Choose your masseuse

When you are looking for a masseuse, you will be given a lot of options to choose the perfect person for your session. Take your time and check out the pictures of the escorts to find someone who can suit your taste. Always remember to check where she has professional experience in providing massages or not. Imagine whether you will enjoy your massage with the lady you are planning to hire before moving ahead. It will help in making a better decision for your massage session.


Discuss the privacy with the agency. Ask if you will have to visit the spa, or the masseuse will arrive at your location. Inquire about the spa and whether it has enough privacy and safety to attend a session without any stress. Make sure that the room is completely private and does not have any suspicious objects with potential hidden cameras. Request for a completely discreet session and make sure that you will not be disturbed at all during the massage.

Types of massage

There are different massage techniques which offer unique benefits to the body. Some are meant for body relaxation, while others are for inner healing therapies. There are also sensual massages that escort offer which have a lot to do with beautiful women rubbing your body. Choose the type of massage that you would like to have and whether it will be enough to fulfil all your needs.


You will also have to discuss the time of your service. There is no limitations for how long you want to get a massage but generally, it is an hour service. You will have to book an appointment mentioning the time you are available and the duration of the massage you want. If you want to enjoy a much more relaxed massage session, where you do not have to get up and leave immediately after, then prefer the in-room service, so call the escort to your place. This way, you can relax comfortably after the session or even take a nap if you want to.

Book happy endings

Know that sexual pleasures and massage are two different services. Do not expect the masseuse to give you a happy ending if you have not asked for it before. You need to book for sexual pleasures separately and in advance so that the agency can provide you with the options for the escorts who offer both.

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