5 Types of Male Clients that Escorts Get

5 Types of Male Clients that Escorts Get

Escorts confirm that all men are not the same. There are plenty of kinds of men that escorts meet on a daily basis which have unique requirements. Sometimes the clients can be really classy and good looking, and in bad days there can be weird and boring clients. But if you believe that all men that meet escorts are losers who are desperate for sex, here are some of the examples to help you understand their requirements better.

The widower

Men who lose their beloved wives have the most difficult times staying alone. They might not be ready to start dating another woman again. However, their sexual needs can trouble them and make them lose focus on their work. To fulfil their sexual needs, they may use the escort services, but do not develop any affection towards the escorts no matter how beautiful they are. They do not even consider thinking beyond sex and only want a no strings attached experience.

Single men

Many single men get busy with their lives and find it hard to socialize with women and go out for dates. It seems like a burden to try to win a girl’s heart before indulging in a sexual experience. They find paying beautiful girls for direct hook-ups much more convenient. They enjoy trying out different kinds of sex with different women and like to explore more into their sexual fantasies.


This category of men are usually very busy and only like to have the best escorts to fulfil all their sexual needs while they have time. They like to take their work seriously and often reward themselves with an attractive date. They usually like to take their escorts on classy dates to show their power and position. The escorts can get a hint of their dominant behaviour at the dinner table as well as during sex.

Unconventional men

Many men have dark sexual fantasies bursting out of them, but they do not get the pleasure of experiencing them with their wife or girlfriend. It might be too unethical for society to accept, which is why they take the help of escorts to experiment with their desires. They prefer to meet dominatrix and fulfil their fetishes which can be really weird for many escorts. Only the escorts who are okay with such services accept the offers from such men.

The talkers

Most of the times, the escorts only get the doers on the date who just want to enjoy their time having sex. But in some cases, the escorts also come across men who want nothing more than just cuddling up and talking. They might have other requests such as going out for a walk or watching a movie together. They are willing to pay women just to spend some quality time with them without any sexual intention.

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