The latest trend in home design is taking on a dark, moody tone. It doesn’t necessarily mean a dingy, grimy interior – the newest trends in decorating are leaning towards darker hues with muted tones and accents that draw from the richness of nature.

Dark colors can make a small space seem bigger and cozier than its actual size, thanks to the way they blur walls’ edges. This makes them a perfect choice for tiny spaces that need some extra breathing room, or large ones that want to feel intimate and cozy.

When painting a dark color, start by choosing an accent wall that will stand out against the rest of the room. This can be a feature wall that’s painted a few shades darker than the main walls or a strip of paint that runs from ceiling to wall, which creates a feeling of infinite space.

Use mirrors in your dark space to reflect the natural light and add a pop of color that contrasts well with your darker colors. This will help your space feel more open and airy, especially if you’ve chosen darker window frames.

One of the most popular ways to add depth and texture to a dark room is by using a variety of different patterns in your furniture, rugs, carpets and decor accessories. This will not only look beautiful, but it will also add a layer of interest to your space and give it more character.

Another great way to liven up a dark living room is by adding a lot of large, vibrant houseplants that have darker foliage. These can be paired with dark floral wallpapers and patterned wall tiles to add even more dimension and texture to your space.

If you want to add a touch of glamour to your dark interior, opt for furniture with a sultry metallic finish. These can be painted in a deep brown or black tones, and they’ll definitely bring some style and elegance into your living space.

You can also incorporate a dark blue or navy blue wall into your living room ideas to create a dramatic atmosphere. This will work best if you have a darker ceiling, and it will really make the space look and feel opulent.

Lastly, you can consider choosing an ornate rug that will give your space an elegant feel. This will give your space some depth and interest, and it will also match your other dark colors perfectly.

The newest home decorating trends are leaning towards a darker, more complex aesthetic in 2019. This isn’t the same as a 70s revival of neon and orange – instead, people are choosing a more sophisticated tone with muted tones and accents that are more evocative of nature.

While this may be an all new idea for many of us, it can be a great way to inject some drama into your home. This is particularly helpful if you don’t want to completely change your interiors, but you just want to switch things up a bit.