Top 5 Outdoor Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate the ones you love with flowers, candy, and decor. Whether you’re looking for a simple way to decorate for the holiday or you need to impress guests with some really special Valentine’s decor, there are tons of fun ideas to try out!

Adding some pops of color to your outdoor Valentine’s decor can be an easy way to get in the spirit. Red and pink are the traditional colors of the holiday, but you can add any color you want to make it feel extra special!

The following decor ideas can help you put together the perfect look for February 14. From floral wreaths to light-up letters, these decorations are sure to make your home feel like a romantic haven.

1. Add some pops of color with a floral wreath

This floral wreath will instantly brighten up your front door and give you a dose of fresh flowers to enjoy throughout the month. It’s a simple and affordable project that can be made with materials you probably already have at home!

2. Add some color to your table with a flower centerpiece

Roses are always a classic gift, but they’re also an extremely popular choice for Valentine’s Day. If you’re not into the cliche red roses, opt for a mix of flowers in bright and vibrant shades for a fresh and cheerful look.

3. Create a framed photo display

Rather than just hang a single photo on your wall, consider putting a collection of photographs into a frame to create a more personalized and thoughtful decoration. These frames are easy to find at craft stores or even online, and they’re a fun DIY that the kids can participate in as well.

4. Use old items to create a unique decor piece

Instead of replacing your current decor, try adding something new. This DIY uses an old ladder to accentuate the space with L-O-V-E letters and red burlap, creating an elegant display that’s perfect for your porch or patio.

5. Create a garland using recycled materials

A simple garland is a great way to incorporate some color into your outdoor Valentine’s decoration. This one uses a variety of recycled materials including paper, cereal boxes, and plastic grocery bags to create a whimsical look that’s sure to please everyone!

6. A Valentine’s banner is the perfect place to show off your love

Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive way to decorate or you need some extra inspiration, a Valentine’s banner is a fantastic choice. They can be hung in a number of ways, from an over-sized wall hanging to small decorative pieces that can hang on a window sill or shelf.

7. Embrace the sentiment of Valentine’s with a handmade love letter garland

A hand-designed love letter garland is a truly special Valentine’s decoration idea. It’s super customizable – you can change the lettering, envelope color, and garland thread if you prefer a more personalized touch!